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IQRF Alliance revealed the future of IoT at the electronica 2016

IQRF Alliance revealed the future of IoT at the electronica 2016 

IQRF Alliance was successfully exhibiting at the electronica 2016 trade fair in Munich, Germany, from 8th to 11th November. The most interesting topics presented were ready wireless interoperable devices and solutions and rapid innovation of the IQRF technology as a Wireless Platform for IoT with a brand new concept of “Interoperable - Simple - Secure”. The highest attention was paid to an exciting “Live Apps Demo Board” of more than 30 interoperable products of different companies.

IQRF Alliance revealed the future of IoT with its live demo. Visitors had an opportunity to control devices from various manufacturers at one place. Live interactive demo consists of the IQRF Alliance members’ products such as Microsoft, IBM, O2 Czech Republic, O2 IT Services, AAEON, Zyxel, Netio, Cetin, CITIQ, DATmoLUX, MICRORISC and many more.

The demo is clearly divided into three categories - Clouds & Services, Gateways, and End Devices. Selected groups of the devices are running and measuring real-time data right away from the exhibition and processing them in various clouds, such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix or IQ Home cloud.

All the products are interconnected via the IQRF wireless. “Every wireless system is exposed to potential OTA attacks. But IQRF OS v4.00 brings ultimate security based on industrial standards. Security in IQRF does not mean just an encryption but a complex approach to avoid potential vulnerabilities,” explained CEO of MICRORISC, inventor of the IQRF technology, Dr. Vladimir Sulc.

A complete data aggregation is done over all the vertical solutions - data from all live products and different clouds are collected to the cloud of O2 IT Services to show the interoperability of all products and devices. “This demo clearly shows the strengths of the IQRF Ecosystem. You can build up your own solution from ready components exactly according to your needs,” added Simon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance. 

The examples of vertical solutions of the IoT Demo:


Protronix CO2 sensor is monitoring the air quality in a building and it indicates the air quality with three coloured LEDs so the user can quickly check the status. The collected data are sent to AAEON Up Board gateway which is very flexible and can be used for Smart Home applications, Education, Intelligent Cars and Internet of Things solutions. Finally, the data are visualized by InteliGlue cloud by Inteliments company which represents a sophisticated solution with many features and options for customization.


The automated sun blinder by IQ Home represents perfect solution when you are bothered by sharp sunlight. The blinds can be controlled wirelessly manually or automatically. IQ Home humidity sensor or temperature sensor can be connected to ensure the required conditions by controlling the blinds automatically. Data from sensors are sent through IQ Home Universal Gateway which can use GSM, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Any cloud (here IQ Home cloud) can collect and manage the data and automatically execute pre-set commands.


Preci Light design light is controlled by the level of illumination monitored by MICRORISC SHD-SE-01 illumination sensor which sends data to a cloud through the MICRORISC Ethernet gateway. The user can choose from various cloud providers. Professional AAEON AEC-6877 server build on the latest generation of Intel processors can be used. The user interface can be ensured by CIS solution of IQRF cloud with many options of data visualization (tables, graphs, visuals…).


Car parking on a parking lot is monitored by the CITIQ Smart Parking System. Smart Parking System is a modular system which provides users anonymous detection of occupied parking lots. Magnetic detector beneath the ground of parking lot sends signal to a solar powered GSM gateway attached to street lighting pole which sends it to a cloud to visualize the data. This system optimizes turnover, reduces the density of traffic, and increases the collection of payments up to 200 %.


Solutions from the area of the Internet of Things can be used for various purposes. One of them is energy monitoring to prevent inefficient energy management and save the costs. Bitspecta street light can be installed and the Bitspecta pulse meter can complement the lighting system by measure electrical quantities and thus increase energy savings even more. The whole system is controlled by touch control panel. User is able to set different modes of power saving, read log, set up individual devices, control light intensity, send the data into cloud and measure power consumption or temperature.

IQRF technology selected features:

  • Ultimate security: based on industrial standards (AES-128)
  • Extra low power: < 100 nA standby, 15 µA receiving
  • Simple integration and control: SPI, UART, DPA
  • Sub-GHz ISM bands: 433 / 868 / 916 MHz
  • Range: 500 m with small PCB antenna
  • Easily connectable to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, chipKIT etc.

Author: Adéla Slezáková in category IQRF news,

2016111801 / 18.11.2016 / Training , Trade fairs, Evens / MICRORISC s.r.o. /
IQRF Alliance revealed the future of IoT at the electronica 2016 
IQRF Alliance revealed the future of IoT at the electronica 2016
IQRF Alliance was successfully exhibiting at the electronica 2016 trade fair in Munich, Germany, from 8th to 11th November. The most interesting topics presented were ready wireless interoperable devices and solutions and rapid innovation of the IQRF technology as a Wireless Platform for IoT with a brand new concept of “Interoperable - Simple - Secure”. The highest attention was paid to an exciting “Live Apps Demo Board” of more than 30 interoperable products of different companies.
AAEON joined the IQRF Alliance
We have a pleasure to announce that AAEON joined the IQRF Alliance. AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms. Being established in 1992, the company has many experience in IT business.
AAEON joined the IQRF Alliance
Microchip - a new partner of the IQRF Wireless Challenge brings chipKITs into the contest
Microchip - a new partner of the IQRF Wireless Challenge brings chipKITs into the contest
Microchip Technology Inc. has just become a new contest partner and brings new development tools for all of the contestants and the winners. All the registered contest participants are eligible to order chipKIT uC32 Development Board with 30% discount. The chipKIT uC32 Development Board is also a new prize for all of the six IQRF Wireless Challenge II winners.
Worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge II
The IQRF Alliance announces a worldwide contest in applications for the IQRF wireless technology “IQRF Wireless Challenge II” and is giving away prizes over the value of 3,700 euros.
Worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge II
**-IQRF Direct Peripheral Access awarded the third place at embedded world trade fair Award
**-IQRF Direct Peripheral Access awarded the third place at embedded world trade fair Award
**-Around 900 international exhibitors and over 26,000 visitors came together for the embedded world Exhibition & Conference in Nuremberg this year. As the world's largest trade fair of its kind, embedded world is a must for everyone concerned with the development, purchasing, procurement and application of embedded technologies.
**-IQRF Alliance launched - Programming-free wireless networking into any device
**-IQRF Alliance, a consortium of companies linking manufacturers, system integrators and installation companies, has been launched. Programming-free wireless mesh networks are reality as of now. This is a great opportunity to quickly and cost-effectively make all the electronic products wireless and bring them to the market in a matter of weeks.
**-IQRF Alliance launched - Programming-free wireless networking into any device
**-Research and Technology Center MICRORISC just opened
**-Research and Technology Center MICRORISC just opened
**-MICRORISC Ltd. just opened a new Research and Technology Center MICRORISC in industrial zone of the city of Jicin, The Czech Republic. Excellent results of research and development were presented during the official opening ceremony on Friday the 10th May 2013.
**-New development set of wireless technology IQRF
**-A new development set DS-START-03E of wireless technology IQRF has been introduced at the fair trade Electronica 2012. Even better playing with IQRF, even better wireless applications …
**-New development set of wireless technology IQRF 
**-MICRORISC awarded third place at Company of the year of the Czech Republic
**-MICRORISC awarded third place at Company of the year of the Czech Republic
**-MICRORISC, a leading provider of wireless technologies, specializing in research, development, export and distribution of the latest electronic components and modules, was awarded as the third best Company of the year of the Czech Republic. The national competition entered 3315 companies totally.
**-IQRF Wireless Challenge Winners
**-The winners of the open world-wide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge, which had been announced by MICRORISC Ltd., an EU company majoring in research and development of the latest wireless technologies, have been unveiled.
**-IQRF Wireless Challenge Winners
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