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CNS650-M Series AC/DC Power Supplies

CNS650-M Series AC/DC Power Supplies

Artesyn Embedded Technologies' CNS650-M series 650 W AC/DC power supplies feature a wide input range and single output

 Artesyn Embedded Technologies CNS650-MU series of single output open-frame AC/DC power supplies are offered in 12 V, 24 V, or 48 V outputs with +15% trim range. Each power supply comes with a 12 V fan output and 5 V standby. All models feature ITE and medical safety approvals and accept a universal input of 90 VAC to 264 VAC. Depending on operating conditions, its 4'' x 6'' x 1.54'' compact and high-density, U-channel construction delivers up to 400 W of output power with free air convection cooling and up to 650 W with 400 LFM of forced air.

The CNS650-M is equipped with an I2C interface available with industry-standard PMBus™ communications protocol. These power supplies are ideal for industrial systems as well as for medical applications. The CNS650-M series power supplies can be stored or shipped at temperatures from -40°C to +85°C and relative humidity from 5% to 95% non-condensing. When the main output is shorted, the output will go to hiccup mode. Recovery will be automatic when the short is removed. The 5 V standby will remain on while the 12 V fan output is off. A short circuit on the 5 V standby will shut down the entire power supply. The power supply will auto recover once the fault condition ceases to exist.

When the main output is shorted, the output will go to hiccup mode. Recovery will be automatic when the short is removed.

Overtemperature Protection (OTP)
The power supply will be internally protected against overtemperature conditions. There will be three overtemperature protection sensors: on the main output, the PFC circuit, and the standby output. When one of the sensing circuits has reached the OTP limit, all outputs, except standby, will shut down and will remain off until the overtemperature condition no longer exists. A suitable hysteresis point between the OTP threshold and the recovery point will be set to ensure there is no frequent on-off cycling of the outputs. The temperature recovery point will be set well within the operating temperature range. Upon reaching the temperature recovery point, all outputs will auto-recover.

EMI Emissions
The CNS650-M series have been designed to comply with the Class B limits per requirements of EN55022 (FCC Part 15) and CISPR 22 (EN55022) for emissions. The unit is tested with Class I input (PE connected) at 650 W full load using resistive load with airflow.

Conducted Emission
The CNS650-M power supplies have internal EMI filters to ensure the power supplies' conducted EMI levels comply with EN55022 (FCC Part 15) and EN55022 (CISPR 22) Class B limits.

Short Circuit Protection (SCP)
The CNS650-M power supplies will withstand a continuous short circuit with no permanent damage, applied to its main output during start-up or while running.

  • Designed for forced air and natural convection cooling
  • Medical and ITE safety approvals, 2x MOPP
  • PMBus interface
  • Active current share with OR-ing FET
  • Dual fused
  • Type BF ready
  • Active power factor correction, 61000-3-2 compliant
  • Built-in Class B EMI filter
  • Less than 1U high
  • 4” x 6” U-channel construction (open-frame or end-fan variants available for 12 V)
  • <500 mW no-load power consumption
  • 80 PLUS® certified (-ME model)
  • Three-year warranty (consult factory for extended terms)

  • Industrial systems
  • Healthcare and medical equipment
    • Ultrasound monitors
    • Blood pressure monitors
    • Incubators
    • ECG equipment
    • Operating tables

CNS650-M Series AC-DC Power Supplies
Image Manufacturer Part Number Description Voltage - Output 1   View Details
AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 650W CNS653-ME AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 650W 12V   View Details
AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 650W CNS653-MF AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 650W 12V   View Details
AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 650W CNS653-MU AC/DC CONVERTER 12V 650W 12V   View Details
AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 650W CNS655-MU AC/DC CONVERTER 24V 650W 24V   View Details
AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 650W CNS658-MU AC/DC CONVERTER 48V 650W 48V   View Details

2019050301 / 12.05.2019 / Various / Digi-Key Electronics /

nanoSplatch™ nSP250 RF Antenna
nanoSplatch™ nSP250 RF Antenna
Linx Technologies' Wi-Fi/WLAN embedded antenna uses a grounded-line technique for outstanding performance
RIIM™ IP Mesh Network
Radiocraft's industrial IoT wireless IP mesh network enables fast time-to-market
RIIM™ IP Mesh Network
LXRW Series for NFC Antennas
LXRW Series for NFC Antennas
Murata simplifies and automates NFC antenna tuning
PTS636 Series Tactile Switches
C&K's PTS636 series 6.0 mm x 3.5 mm tactile switches for THT and SMT
PTS636 Series Tactile Switches
DRV8876 H-Bridge Motor Driver
DRV8876 H-Bridge Motor Driver
Texas Instruments' drivers feature integrated current-sensing and current-sense output
SARA-R4 Series Wireless Modules
u-blox LTE Cat M1/NB1 and 2G/EGPRS modules are made in the miniature SARA LGA form factor
SARA-R4 Series Wireless Modules
BridgeSwitch™ Integrated Motor Drivers
BridgeSwitch™ Integrated Motor Drivers
Power Integrations’ half-bridge motor drivers incorporate two high-voltage N-channel power FREDFETs with low- and high-side drivers in a single, small-outline package
T8F81C-DK Trion™ BGA81 Development Kit
Efinix's BGA81 development kit includes a license for the Efinix Efinity® software and access to the Efinix support center
T8F81C-DK Trion™ BGA81 Development Kit
ADuCM355 Precision Analog Microcontroller (MCU)
ADuCM355 Precision Analog Microcontroller (MCU)
Analog Devices' MCUs feature a chemical sensor interface and are ideal for applications such as environmental sensing
ADuM4122 Adjustable Slew Rate, Single Isolated Gate Driver
Analog Devices' gate driver, 3 A short-circuit (less than 3 Ω) is ideal for applications such as switching power supplies
ADuM4122 Adjustable Slew Rate, Single Isolated Gate Driver
T4F81C2 Trion™ FPGA
T4F81C2 Trion™ FPGA
Efinix's FPGA is built on SMIC's 40 nm process and comes in an 81-ball BGA package
AP43770 High-Performance Protocol Decoder Supporting USB Type-C™ Power Delivery
Diodes’ AP43770 supports PPS APDO with 20 mV/step resolution and 50 mA/step current resolution for optimal battery thermal management
AP43770 High-Performance Protocol Decoder Supporting USB Type-C™ Power Delivery
SprintIR®-W CO2 Sensor
SprintIR®-W CO2 Sensor
Gas Sensing Solutions' SprintIR-W CO2 sensor is ideal for high-speed sensing requirements and measuring rapidly changing CO2 levels
0.35 mm SlimStack BTB
Molex's standard series board-to-board connectors deliver design flexibility while meeting tight-packaging needs
0.35 mm SlimStack BTB
ExplorIR®-W CO2 Sensor
ExplorIR®-W CO2 Sensor
GSS' ExplorIR-W CO2 sensor is ideal for battery-powered systems, including portable, wearable, and self-powered applications
ADN4654/5 Dual-Channel Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Gigabit Isolators
Analog Devices' LVDS buffers include a failsafe mechanism to ensure a Logic 1 on the corresponding LVDS driver output
ADN4654/5 Dual-Channel Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Gigabit Isolators
Proteus-II 5.0 Bluetooth® Smart Module (AMB2623)
Proteus-II 5.0 Bluetooth® Smart Module (AMB2623)
Wurth Electronics' Proteus-II includes all the features of the Proteus-I and combines them perfectly with an optimized data throughput
Metis-I – 868 MHz Wireless wM-Bus Radio Module
Wurth Electronics' low cost wireless wM-Bus radio module suitable for automated meter reading applications
Metis-I – 868 MHz Wireless wM-Bus Radio Module
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