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AR236.B & AR232.B
APAR AR236.B & AR232.B radio loggers
JZ-500 and JZ-500-C black
JZ-500 and JZ-500-C black cables manufac
HF41F subminiature power relays from HON
GOLDTOOL toolsets in cases
Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2
RS Components announces availability of
MC4 solar connector sets
Multifunctional WIHA LED Torch
G2RV-SR interface relays from OMRON
LUP-20-LED-SMD desktop magnifier
Power Integrations Unveils High-Efficien

PTS636 Series Tactile Switches

PTS636 Series Tactile Switches

C&K's PTS636 series 6.0 mm x 3.5 mm tactile switches for THT and SMT

C&K's PTS636 series tactile switches offer a small (6.0 mm x 3.5 mm) form factor in SMT version. Their three heights and four available actuation forces are ideal for general usage applications. They include ground pin options on the 2.5 mm height version.

Previously, PTS635 and its very limited offering was C&K's only alternative on the 6.0 mm x 3.5 mm style. However, they are now enlarging the family with the PTS636 and its more options on forces and styles with a far better price level. PTS636 is the ideal solution for non-demanding consumer grade applications.

  • 6.0 mm x 3.5 mm footprint: compact size for easy design
  • Multiple heights (2.5 mm, 4.0 mm, and 5.0 mm): accommodates multiple integration constraints
  • THT or SMT type: fully integrated into standard process
  • Ground pin option on 2.5 mm height: integrated ESD protection for easy routing of unwanted overload
  • IoT devices
  • Home automation
  • Remote controls

PTS636 Series Tactile Switches
Image Manufacturer Part Number Description Mounting Type Actuator Height off PCB, Vertical Termination Style   View Details
TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 130GF, PTS636 SL43 LFS TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 130GF, Through Hole 4.30mm PC Pin   View Details
TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 180GF, PTS636 SM43 LFS TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 180GF, Through Hole 4.30mm PC Pin   View Details
TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 250GF, PTS636 SK43 LFS TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 250GF, Through Hole 4.30mm PC Pin   View Details
TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 320GF, PTS636 SP43 LFS TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 320GF, Through Hole 4.30mm PC Pin   View Details
TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 5.0 MM H, 130GF, PTS636 SL50 LFS TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 5.0 MM H, 130GF, Through Hole 5.00mm PC Pin   View Details
TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 5.0 MM H, 180GF, PTS636 SM50 LFS TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 5.0 MM H, 180GF, Through Hole 5.00mm PC Pin   View Details
TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 5.0 MM H, 250GF, PTS636 SK50 LFS TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 5.0 MM H, 250GF, Through Hole 5.00mm PC Pin   View Details
TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 5.0 MM H, 320GF, PTS636 SP50 LFS TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 5.0 MM H, 320GF, Through Hole 5.00mm PC Pin   View Details
TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 130GF, PTS636 SL43 SMTR LFS TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 130GF, Surface Mount 4.30mm Gull Wing   View Details
TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 180GF, PTS636 SM43 SMTR LFS TACT 6.0 X 3.5, 4.3 MM H, 180GF, Surface Mount 4.30mm Gull Wing   View Details

2019071004 / 01.08.2019 / Electronic-components / Digi-Key Electronics /

Copper Foil Tapes
Copper Foil Tapes
Leader Tech's tapes are ideally suited for critical shielding and masking applications
ST730MR LDO Regulator
STMicroelectronics' ST730MR features a 300 mA, 28V low-dropout voltage regulator with 5 µA quiescent current
ST730MR LDO Regulator
LT6370 Low Noise Instrumentation Amplifiers
LT6370 Low Noise Instrumentation Amplifiers
Analog Devices’ amplifiers have ultra-low-voltage offset which removes the need for costly calibrations
STPMIC1APQR Power Management IC
STMicroelectronics's ICs are designed for highly-integrated application processor design requiring low power and high efficiency
STPMIC1APQR Power Management IC
Split Banding Rings
Split Banding Rings
TE Connectivity's 2-piece design uses a high-performance engineering plastic that snaps together providing an excellent mechanical joint
HVGC-1000 Series LED Drivers
MEAN WELL's LED driver features a 1000 W wide range input constant power mode
HVGC-1000 Series LED Drivers
HVLED007 Transition Mode PFC Controller for Flyback Converters
HVLED007 Transition Mode PFC Controller for Flyback Converters
STMicroelectronics' highly-integrated power management IC is designed for microprocessors
Power Over Ethernet Controller Evaluation Board
Microchip’s evaluation board evaluates the performance of the PD70201 PWM controller
Power Over Ethernet Controller Evaluation Board
UHP-2500 Series AC/DC Power Supplies
UHP-2500 Series AC/DC Power Supplies
MEAN WELL’s power supplies can power all types of loads including burn-in equipment, charging systems, and laser apparatus
FK/GK Series Resistors
Ohmite's FK/GK series are metal alloy low-resistance chip resistors
FK/GK Series Resistors
PD70201 Evaluation Board
PD70201 Evaluation Board
Microchip's IEEE 802.3at evaluation board featuring PD70201 device with an isolated flyback converter
M8 SMD Field Device Connectors
Phoenix Contact's M8 SMD device connectors are fast and reliable data connections for use in tight spaces
M8 SMD Field Device Connectors
PD70210AILD Front-End PD Interface Controller
PD70210AILD Front-End PD Interface Controller
Microchip's PD70210AILD is an IEEE 802.3at front-end IC with internal 0.3 Ohm FET
TGHD Series Resistors
Ohmite's TGHD series chassis mounting non-inductive high power resistors are available with quick connect tabs or flywire leads
TGHD Series Resistors
Digi-Key Announces Exclusive Global Distribution Partnership with Directed Energy, Inc.
Digi-Key Announces Exclusive Global Distribution Partnership with Directed Energy, Inc.
Digi-Key Electronics announces that it has expanded its product portfolio by signing an exclusive global distribution partnership with Directed Energy, Inc. This new partnership adds to the more than 8.7 million products available from more than 800 manufacturers through Digi-Key.
Alves U-Joint Series
Wakefield-Vette's uniquely designed zero-backlash U-joints for applications needing tight torque and motion
Alves U-Joint Series
SCP-X Extreme Environment Series Power Supplies
SCP-X Extreme Environment Series Power Supplies
SolaHD provides a versatile and cost-effective way to deliver reliable distributed and remote field power to machine controls
CPI2-B1-REU Production Device Programmer
Phyton's universal device programmer can be controlled either from a computer or in standalone mode
CPI2-B1-REU Production Device Programmer
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