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They act only ones - right then, when it´s really necessary... 
They act only ones - right then, when it´s really necessary...
With thermal fuses you´ll make a big step towards a higher safety of your device.
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And where´s the oxygen?
And where´s the oxygen?
With the Figaro sensors, it´s possible to determine an oxygen concentration accurately and reliably.
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MEC push-buttons can be found even in the dark 
MEC push-buttons can be found even in the dark
Illuminated push-buttons represent a universal solution into every environment.
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Plus 50% of power for a scant one Euro?
Plus 50% of power for a scant one Euro?
High efficiency, low standby power consumption and a power reserve, all this can be gained with a new adapter from our portfolio.
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Displays for those, who want to have everything under control 
Displays for those, who want to have everything under control
If you want to go to the heart of a thing, then LCD TFT displays Winstar are right for you.
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Say stop to unwanted „visitors“
Say stop to unwanted „visitors“
EMI mains filters Schurter combined with an input AC connector will stop interference there, where it´s the most efficient - at the input.
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4D Systems displays will give a cape to your BeagleBone 
4D Systems displays will give a cape to your BeagleBone
4,3“ and 7,0“ LCD „Cape“ connected to a BeagleBone module can transform this microcomputer to a standalone module with a graphic output.
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Choose a fan with a low noise and low power consumption
Choose a fan with a low noise and low power consumption
Silence at last - or what to do, if a silent operation of a fan matters to us?
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„Doubledecker“ can be found not only in London
„Doubledecker“ can be found not only in London
If you don´t have enough space on a PCB, maybe you´ll benefit from dual connectors for SIM cards and memory cards.
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With the SIM800H module, it´s even possible to listen to a radio
With the SIM800H module, it´s even possible to listen to a radio
Miniatúrny quad-band GSM/GPRS modul SIM800H also brings some extra features like for example Bluetooth and FM radio.
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Marquardt 5000 series push buttons won´t be scared of dust and water
Marquardt 5000 series push buttons won´t be scared of dust and water
Why is it worth to use a push-button with a declared resistance to dust and water even in a common environment?
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BE220 - intelligent embedded platform suitable even for a harsh environment!
BE220 - intelligent embedded platform suitable even for a harsh environment!
Well-proven embedded mini PC with Windows CE - BEGA220 are now available in the IP66 protection class.
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SL030, 031, 032 ... Mifare RFID available even for you 
SL030, 031, 032 ... Mifare RFID available even for you
Try and ascertain yourself that the RFID technology is usable in all segments.
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Quectel UC20 integrates GSM and GPS into a single module
Quectel UC20 integrates GSM and GPS into a single module
UC20 module already provides besides a high speed UMTS/HSPA+ data transfer even the reception of data from GPS/ Glonass satellites.
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WizFi250 - WiFi quickly, easily and cost-effectively 
WizFi250 - WiFi quickly, easily and cost-effectively
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n module usable immediately and with a minimum effort may be the right solution even for you.
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2,3,4 ... 7 inches will display more
2,3,4 ... 7 inches will display more
Company 4D Systems launches on the market a powerful graphic processor Diablo 16, suitable even for larger displays and powerful embedded applications.
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Do you need a radical solution of ventilation or cooling?
Do you need a radical solution of ventilation or cooling?
Radial (centrifugal) fans EBM Papst RadiCal series represent a top in efficiency, power and a silent operation.
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10 years of operation on 1 battery? 
10 years of operation on 1 battery?
Xeno Lithium batteries offer high capacity at extremely low self-discharge and are able to supply your device for many years.
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