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The product finder sensors is now online
In November 2014, the "Product Finder for Sensors" will be launched. The product finder will make it faster and easier for purchasers as well as automation and mechanical engineers to find the right sensor for their application, i.e. the sensor that fits their technical requirements perfectly.
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Laser distance sensor at a top price
Panasonic offers the new laser distance sensor HG-C with a repeatability of 10µm and a response time of 1.5ms at an unbeatable price. The distance sensor HG-C opens up many new possibilities for industrial automation.
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LowCxR PhotoMOS for load voltages up to 100V
The new CxR10 PhotoMOS relays belong to the successful Low CxR series PhotoMOS with an optimized, i.e. low, product of C and R at the output of the MOSFETs.
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Active Optical Connector: The easy way of high-speed data transmission
The V series achieves a high-speed optical fiber connection in electronic devices by using an electric connector. High-speed bi-directional data transmission is made easy with the Active Optical Connector due to its noise reduction and electrical isolation capability.
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One product - many possibilities: Monitoring energy with the KW9M-A (Advanced)
This new multifunctional Eco-POWER METER allows you to continuously optimize the energy efficiency as well as monitor the power quality – and of course in compliance with the highest industrial standards!
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Subminiature switch with a long stroke - Panasonic's ASQM
Panasonic Electric Works has expanded the switches family by the new subminiature switch ASQM. The ASQM is based on the 100 millionfold tried and tested turquoise stroke switch ASQ.
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Latching type DZ relay from Panasonic 
Latching type DZ relay from Panasonic
Panasonic's DZ relay was specially developed for use in smart meters. To save energy, a latching type relay is required. This way, the main power supply from the energy supplier to the consumer can be switched on/off remotely. Consequently, the DZ relay fulfills all market requirements.
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Miniature photoelectric sensors in the medical technology industry 
Miniature photoelectric sensors in the medical technology industry
The medical technology industry deals with a wide range of medical devices and products which have to fulfill the highest quality requirements. Especially the automated production of for example pace makers, blood glucose meters, contact lenses, insulin pens, HIV tests, pregnancy tests, surgical instruments, syringes, hypodermic needles, catheters, cannulas, infusion lines or other medical devices has to meet very high quality standards.
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Safety light curtain: Safety class 4 with polycarbonate or aluminum
Safety light curtain: Safety class 4 with polycarbonate or aluminum
To further promote the safety technology, Panasonic not only focuses on quality but also on new and innovative technologies which are not yet established on the markets. This comprises not only functions such as Fixed and Floating Blanking, Muting, and Extraneous Light Check & Avoid (ELCA function), but also groundbreaking housing materials. Besides aluminum housings Panasonic's range of safety class 4 products comprises safety light curtains with housings made from polycarbonate as well as from a combination of polycarbonate and aluminum.
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The TX relay from Panasonic: a universal signal relay
The TX relay from Panasonic: a universal signal relay
The relays from Panasonic's TX series belong to the standard telecommunication relays. However, apart from the telecommunication market, they are used in a wide range of other applications, e.g. from measurement and control technology to monitoring autogas refueling stations.
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High-power switch for up to 160kW DC
High-power switch for up to 160kW DC
Not only in the automotive industry, but also in the energy supply industry for both large and small energy providers, the number of high-power DC applications is on the rise.
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MINAS A5B – EtherCAT servo drives for open communication
MINAS A5B – EtherCAT servo drives for open communication
Panasonic servo drives now come with an Ethernet interface for the open network EtherCAT, which enables real-time communication between master and slaves. The well-known MINAS A5 servo drives series has been expanded by the MINAS A5B series, which is equipped with the new EtherCAT drive bus. This enables open data exchange among many EtherCAT motion controllers.
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MINAS LIQI: the inexpensive servo driver solution
MINAS LIQI: the inexpensive servo driver solution
Compared with stepping motors, asynchronous motors or pneumatic solutions, the MINAS LIQI series offers many advantages as far as reliability, speed, or precise positioning are concerned.
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Panasonic's DW-H latching relay: Strong performance at a great price
Panasonic's DW-H latching relay: Strong performance at a great price
The relay's technical specifications meet the requirements of the white goods market and make it extremely suitable also for smart meters and smart sockets.
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LP-M: Laser marking in the third dimension
LP-M: Laser marking in the third dimension
With the new high-power model generation LP-M, the FAYb Laser Markers from Panasonic take off into the third dimension.
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Small, smaller, the smallest: Ultra miniature photoelectric sensor, only a third of the size of a stamp
Small, smaller, the smallest: Ultra miniature photoelectric sensor, only a third of the size of a stamp
The miniaturization of devices is progressing faster and faster and at the same time the detection of very small objects, especially in medical applications, is increasingly automated with sensors.
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CN-L - Optimizing automotive energy management with the new latching-type high-voltage relay
CN-L - Optimizing automotive energy management with the new latching-type high-voltage relay
Panasonic expands the portfolio of high-voltage relays for the automotive industry in order to serve customers with high power requirements even better in the future.
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Contactless switching 
Contactless switching
With its non-contact switches of the AVP series, Panasonic Electric Works offers solutions to detect the presence of metallic objects without touching them.
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