Miniature GPS module Quectel L30 will provide data immediately after switching on


GPS module Quectel L30 Using SIRFstarIVTM chip offers an outstanding sensitivity, quick time to first fix thanks to a self-assisted GPS and a high resistance against in band jammers. You can use it also in miniature portable applications thanks to extremely small dimensions and a small consumption.

With dimensions of only 9x9x1.8mm it can be used in applications, where every piece of space is precious. It offers all functions which can be expected from a modern GPS module: tracking sensitivity -160dBm and -163dBm using external LNA, 48 channels, 80dB-Hz removing of in band jammers, UART/ SPI/ I2C interface. To a short time to first fix contributes also a possibility of self-assisted GPS by CGEE (Client Generated Extended Ephemeris), which can store data to an external EEPROM helping to a quick fix – within 10 sec. L30 supports this assisted-GPS function without the necessity of data download from server since it captures ephemeris data from satellites locally and predicts ephemeris out to 3 days.

Function PTF (Push To Fix) enables almost immediate hot start - within 1 sec in applications which require infrequent position reporting, but on demand are data available almost immediately, at average consumption 50-500 uA. In this PTF mode, module wakes up regularly in a predefined interval (10-7200sec) to update a position and then stays back in a hibernation mode. To significantly reduce power consumption, at strong signal conditions you can use ATP mode (Advanced Trickle Power). At this mode, module cycles three states internally - switches on main parts of module only for a short time necessary to update position and in the rest of a cycle the module is in a hibernation mode. This cycle is configurable to 1-10 sec.

For development support, Quectel offers a development kit L30EVB with a baseboard, documentation and PC software.

Features / Advantages:

  • -160 dBm tracking sensitivity, -163dBm with an external LNA, contains SAW filter
  • integrated LNA, possibility to directly connect a passive or active antenna
  • high interference resistance, removes in band jammers up to 80dB-Hz
  • hot start within 1 sec, at an average consumption only 50-500 uA
  • self assisted GPS (CGEE) with a 3 day prediction and a start within 10 resp. 25 sec
  • cold start within 35 sec
  • adaptive power management – 10mW for 1Hz output
  • NMEA 0183 protocol V3.01 and a backward compliance
  • power supply 1.8V, temperature range -40 to 85 °C

In a datasheet Quectel L30 you can find a detailed description of module.

Contact: SOS electronic s.r.o.

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