Thanks to BOPLA, no more dirty and broken keys


In situations in which keypads are subject to high levels of mechanical strain, or optimal standards of hygiene are required, BOPLA offers superb technological solutions. After every application, the plastic compound which is an integral part of doming technology returns to the required shape, and at the same time it is a guarantee of superior design.

With no mechanical keys, capacitive technology uses the conductivity of human skin, and its surface is resistant even against acids. Both technologies allow any required shapes and design opportunities for the input unit sector, in this way meeting customers' technical and also sophisticated visual needs.

Every day, BOPLA's work involves designing keypads which are as functional as possible and at the same time attractive to look at. To do this, the company works closely with its customers, and in many cases creates individual solutions for them.

BOPLA Gehäuse Systeme GmbH

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Ametherm Introduces New NTC Chip Thermistors in Compact Sizes With High Temperature Ratings to +150 °C
Ametherm Introduces New NTC Chip Thermistors in Compact Sizes With High Temperature Ratings to +150 °C
High-Stability Devices Bring Accurate Temperature Measurement to Robotic Assemblies and Military Telecom Systems
Micro | Nano | MEMs 2014 - 30th September  - 1st October, Birmingham
Micro | Nano | MEMs 2014 - 30th September - 1st October, Birmingham
Micro | Nano | MEMs 2014 is the UK’s number one showcase for micro, precision, mems and nano manufacturing technologies and will once again provide an industry platform for the exchange of information and expertise.
Handheld pressure meter with datalogger - DMS
Handheld pressure meter with datalogger - DMS
Differential pressure meter series DMS, from CRESSTO company has been developed for measuring differential pressure, but it also measures relative overpressure and underpressure against atmospheric pressure. An offer also contains barometrical type, which measures absolute pressure against vacuum. Pressure meter is defined by wide scale of ranges, high accuracy 0,25%, many supporting functions, USB communication, large and easy to eye display and more than 80hours operation (without backlight is it more than 14 days).
Alliance Memory Launches New High-Speed CMOS DDR3 SDRAMs With 1-Gb, 2-Gb, and 4-Gb Densities in 78-Ball and 96-Ball FBGA Packages
Tiny Shielded Power Inductor Handles Current up to 3.75 Amps 
Tiny Shielded Power Inductor Handles Current up to 3.75 Amps
Coilcraft’s XPL2010 Series of ultra-small, magnetically shielded power inductors combine excellent current handling, low DC resistance and inductance values up to 220 µH in a package that measures just 1.9 X 2.0 mm.
Ametherm's SURGE-GARD™ Line of NTC Inrush Current Limiting Thermistors Now in Stock at Digi-Key 
Ametherm's SURGE-GARD™ Line of NTC Inrush Current Limiting Thermistors Now in Stock at Digi-Key
Vishay Intertechnology Launches Robust AEC-Q101-Qualified, Fully Integrated Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor
The compact PDICL 2 or 4 axes EtherCAT pulse/direction drive interface module delivers position verification / closed loop control of stepper and servo drive/motor combinations with pulse/direction input...
Solder Peak SP-90B soldering station
Solder Peak SP-90B soldering station
TME’s offer has been extended with a digital soldering station - SOLDER PEAK model SP-90B. This station is characterized by a soldering tip short heating time, good temperature stability and high power. Thanks to this, it is perfectly fit for soldering of different types of big-dimension THT components, as well as SMD sensitive components.
TME mobile – TME application for mobile devices
TME mobile – TME application for mobile devices
TME company, one of the biggest European distributors of electronic components, wishes to inform that an exceptional function, TME mobile application designated for Smartphones and tablets, has been implemented.
Premier Farnell has announced it will stock the world’s first USB powered soldering iron by MegaPower
Weller WX soldering stations are a masterpiece
Weller WX soldering stations are a masterpiece
Intelligent soldering stations WX series meet all what we might expect from an ultimate instrument.
Solder like real professionals with Weller WX2 soldering station
Solder like real professionals with Weller WX2 soldering station
New generation of intelligent soldering stations WX2 series from Weller brings improvements based on customers demands.
Jaws, which you don´t have to be afraid of
Jaws, which you don´t have to be afraid of
In opposite to jaws from a known movie, to the jaws of HT336 T1 and HT336 V crimping tools you´ll return with pleasure.
Gas soldering tool DREMEL VersaTip will provide you a freedom
Gas soldering tool DREMEL VersaTip will provide you a freedom
Multifunctional gas soldering tool will help you at many various applications like: soldering, melting, hot-cutting, welding and woodburning (pyrography)...
The new DM3730 provides best-in-class ARM and Graphics processing 
The new DM3730 provides best-in-class ARM and Graphics processing
element14, Premier Farnell’s global online eCommunity for electronic design engineers announced availability of the DM3730 ARM® based development kit, a complete embedded development system that accelerates time to market for media-rich, portable applications.

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