Thanks to BOPLA, no more dirty and broken keys


In situations in which keypads are subject to high levels of mechanical strain, or optimal standards of hygiene are required, BOPLA offers superb technological solutions. After every application, the plastic compound which is an integral part of doming technology returns to the required shape, and at the same time it is a guarantee of superior design.

With no mechanical keys, capacitive technology uses the conductivity of human skin, and its surface is resistant even against acids. Both technologies allow any required shapes and design opportunities for the input unit sector, in this way meeting customers' technical and also sophisticated visual needs.

Every day, BOPLA's work involves designing keypads which are as functional as possible and at the same time attractive to look at. To do this, the company works closely with its customers, and in many cases creates individual solutions for them.

BOPLA Gehäuse Systeme GmbH

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Automotive 1.35Mpixel CMOS Image Sensor for Driver Assistance & Driverless Cars
...combines industry-leading image quality with ASIL-ready support functions that will expedite the emergence of autonomous vehicles
WizFi250H - when a small difference can help significantly
WiFi module in a version with a pin-header significantly simplifies development of applications.
Melexis Launches Automotive Ready Wireless Charging & NFC Reference Design with Freescale
Melexis Launches Automotive Ready Wireless Charging & NFC Reference Design with Freescale
New Highly Compliant Gap Filler Takes the Heat
New Highly Compliant Gap Filler Takes the Heat without Adding Stress
Gap Pad® HC 3.0 delivers unique combination of high thermal performance with conformability
Toshiba Launches World’s Smallest-class Embedded NAND Flash Memory Products
Toshiba Launches World’s Smallest-class Embedded NAND Flash Memory Products
New e∙MMCTM ICs developed using cutting-edge 15nm NAND Flash memory
HSS-624 M: High-current Probe for up to 100 A - with Kelvin Contact
The new screw-in High-current Probe HSS-624 M is a market-driven development for transferring high-currents and, at the same time, carrying out a voltage measurement directly on the contact pads (4 pole measurement).
Transphorm Awarded Landmark Patents for GaN Power Conversion
Patents essential to vast majority of high voltage power conversion circuits; Expands IP portfolio to over 1,100 world-wide fundamental patents and applications
Riedon goes green in renewable energy applications with low cost DC Current Shunts rated up to 1200A
Riedon goes green in renewable energy applications with low cost DC Current Shunts rated up to 1200A
3-channel Axiomet laboratory power supply
The operation of power supplies is exceptionally silent – each device has a temperature sensor which activates a low-noise fan when the device works at high power levels for a long period of time.
Solder Peak SP-HA800D hot air digital soldering station
Solder Peak SP-HA800D hot air digital soldering station
Hot air SP-HA800D digital soldering station thanks to the use of a high power heating element and microprocessor’s control is widely used in laboratories, services and in production. High accuracy of temperature and air-flow setting make it a perfect solution for soldering and desoldering even most sensitive SMD elements. Additional advantage of this station is possibility to control parameters by means of push buttons located on a hot air handle.
Desktop 3-axes robot
The F4200N is a compact and economically priced benchtop robot. Designed for medical and laboratory type environments requiring a streamlined and easily maintained machine. This robot will support most light dispensing applications that require a high performance standard.
Solder Peak SP-90B soldering station
Solder Peak SP-90B soldering station
TME’s offer has been extended with a digital soldering station - SOLDER PEAK model SP-90B. This station is characterized by a soldering tip short heating time, good temperature stability and high power. Thanks to this, it is perfectly fit for soldering of different types of big-dimension THT components, as well as SMD sensitive components.
TME mobile – TME application for mobile devices
TME mobile – TME application for mobile devices
TME company, one of the biggest European distributors of electronic components, wishes to inform that an exceptional function, TME mobile application designated for Smartphones and tablets, has been implemented.
Premier Farnell has announced it will stock the world’s first USB powered soldering iron by MegaPower
Weller WX soldering stations are a masterpiece
Weller WX soldering stations are a masterpiece
Intelligent soldering stations WX series meet all what we might expect from an ultimate instrument.
Solder like real professionals with Weller WX2 soldering station
Solder like real professionals with Weller WX2 soldering station
New generation of intelligent soldering stations WX2 series from Weller brings improvements based on customers demands.

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