The new, powerful GT32-E touch terminal for outdoor applications


With its new compact GT32-E touch terminal, Panasonic Electric Works is once again setting new standards for applications for human machine interfaces under difficult temperature conditions.

The panel has a 5.7", 4096-color TFT display (QVGA) and can be used outdoors within a temperature range of -20°C to +60°C. Luminosity is 700cd/m2, although the legibility of complex displays is guaranteed, even in direct sunlight. Because project design is flexible with the GT32-E, it is well suited to the demands placed on automation products, especially for automatic washing devices as well as charging stations for electrical and industrial floor-borne vehicles.

A USB port allows the user to download programs. The SD memory card enables audio files to be saved quickly and cheaply; GT and PLC programs or even firmware can be backed up or updated. Its extremely compact size and unbeatable energy requirement below 8W, which generates little undesired heat, allow GT32-E HMIs to be mounted in cramped spaces.

You can create projects for the four new GT32-E touch terminals (and all GT HMIs) with the software GTWIN. This user-friendly software provides you with predefined objects that help you generate selfexplanatory displays and input elements. The software user interface and online help are available in English, German and many other languages.

Product features include:

  • 5.7" TFT display, 4096 colors, QVGA resolution
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Target values can be entered via numeric data parts
  • New 3D library parts for realistic operating conditions (SYMKEYS library)
  • Recipe management and trend graphics
  • Battery-buffered real-time clock
  • Switch between up to 16 languages
  • Password protection
  • Maintenance-free LED backlighting
  • IP67 degree of protection for the front
  • RS232C/RS422/RS485 port
  • Installation depth of just 39mm, of the slimmest in industry
  • Can be connected to all FP series PLCs
  • Drivers for Mitsubishi, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Modbus (RTU Modus)

Panasonic Electric Works Czech s.r.o.


2012050904 / 9.5.2012 / Building automation / Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG

MINAS LIQI: the inexpensive servo driver solution
MINAS LIQI: the inexpensive servo driver solution
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Panasonic's DW-H latching relay: Strong performance at a great price
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Small, smaller, the smallest: Ultra miniature photoelectric sensor, only a third of the size of a stamp
Small, smaller, the smallest: Ultra miniature photoelectric sensor, only a third of the size of a stamp
The miniaturization of devices is progressing faster and faster and at the same time the detection of very small objects, especially in medical applications, is increasingly automated with sensors.
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Contactless switching
With its non-contact switches of the AVP series, Panasonic Electric Works offers solutions to detect the presence of metallic objects without touching them.
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New Low CxR PhotoMOS with optimized on-resistance for currents of up to 1A
Panasonic's new Low CxR PhotoMOS offer the smallest housings combined with the lowest on-resistance for maximum continuous load currents of up to 1A.
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Servo drives for superior performance: MINAS A5N 
Servo drives for superior performance: MINAS A5N
The Ethernet-based servo drives of the MINAS A5N series are not only extremely compact, but also ideally suited for highly dynamic applications.
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Miniature SMT antennas 2J are able to cover several bands
Miniature SMT antennas 2J are able to cover several bands
GSM, DCS, PCS, UMTS, 434/868 MHz, GPS, TETRA and many other signals are no problem for small ceramic antennas from company 2J.
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Catch the wind into a net (or into a battery)
Catch the wind into a net (or into a battery)
With the new AIR 40 wind turbine it is possible to gain 40 kWh monthly - easily and safely.
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Single-Phase Energy-Measurement Processors Accurately Monitor Power at a Fraction of the Cost
Single-Phase Energy-Measurement Processors Accurately Monitor Power at a Fraction of the Cost
Fully autonomous processors add simple, utility-grade energy measurement and diagnostics to existing designs.
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Siemens launches communications-enabled flush-mount sensors
Siemens launches communications-enabled flush-mount sensors
The Siemens Building Technologies Division has added KNX-compliant flush-mount models to its Symaro sensor line. In addition to capturing the temperature, humidity and air quality, these new communications-enabled sensors can also control these parameters as well as switch lights on and off and control sun protection systems. The devices support a wide variety of configuration options and can be customized to each specific application.
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RFID DESFire EV1 - one card for more applications 
RFID DESFire EV1 - one card for more applications
RFID system DESFire EV1 enables substantially more than only an identification. Access systems, public transportation, loyalty programs, those are only few examples of usage of this system.
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Do you ventilate sufficiently? - with the CO2 monitor CDM4161a it can be found immediately
Do you ventilate sufficiently? - with the CO2 monitor CDM4161a it can be found immediately
Carbon dioxide concentration in a closed room increases very quickly. With the Figaro CDM4161a calibrated module it can be checked simply and reliably.
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Atmel Next-Generation LF RFID Transponder Provides Maximum Flexibility for Consumer and Industrial Identification Applications
Atmel Next-Generation LF RFID Transponder Provides Maximum Flexibility for Consumer and Industrial Identification Applications
Atmel® Corporation announced production availability of a low-frequency (LF) RFID transponder device, the Atmel ATA5577M1330C-PP.
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Protect health of people by Figaro sensors 
Protect health of people by Figaro sensors
Gases like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are dangerous gases, which however can be easily detected.
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