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Omron OS32C
First Ethernet-compliant laser safety sc ...
Dremel 3D Idea Builder
The Dremel 3D Idea Builder 
The Dremel 3D Idea Builder ...
RS IdeaWerk 3D printer
RS Components launches new RS brand professional-quality 3D printer for rapid prototyping at highly affordable price point 
RS Components launches new RS brand prof ...
BS-MC-90 - RS232/422/485 optical convert ...
Power supply for LED diodes with multi-level LCM-40 current output
Power supply for LED diodes with multi-l ...
A165E-S-02-P Safety switch
A165E-S-02-P Safety switch ...
Toolcraft SP200
Transformer soldering tool Toolcraft SP200 is a useful complement even if you already have a quality soldering station
Transformer soldering tool Toolcraft SP2 ...
UT204 is able to measure DC current and ...
One product - many possibilities: Monito ...
Dispenser JB 1113N
Dispenser JB 1113N ...
M574 - 150MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
M574 - 150MHz Digital Storage Oscillosco ...
HR 22 LF
Reflow oven HR22LF and HR 23LF
Reflow oven HR22LF and HR 23LF ...
With the SIM800H module, it´s even possible to listen to a radio
With the SIM800H module, it´s even possi ...
The new DM3730 provides best-in-class ARM and Graphics processing
The new DM3730 provides best-in-class AR ...

AVX corporation

AVX corporation

AVX Corporation is a leading international supplier of electronic passive components and interconnect solutions with 24 manufacturing and customer support facilities in 15 countries around the world. AVX offers a broad range of devices including capacitors, resistors, filters, timing and circuit protection devices and connectors. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:AVX).

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1004000211 / 12.12.2012 / 211
New CECC-compliant wet electrolytic tantalum capacitor series for harsh-environment applications
New CECC-compliant wet electrolytic tantalum capacitor series for harsh-environment applications
Rated for 25-125V & 15-1500µF, the new TWA-E Series axial-leaded tantalum capacitors provide a hermetic seal capable of withstanding harsh shock & vibration per CECC 30 202-01
Discrete wire-to-board ‘poke-home’ connectors from AVX are ‘termination-friendly’
AVX Corporation has introduced its new 9276 series discrete wire-to-board ‘poke-home‘ connector, simplifying installation and providing a quick and reliable termination in a sleek 2.5mm pitch SMT package. Suitable for a broad range of industrial and commercial markets, users simply strip the wires and insert them into the connector. AVX provides a small insertion / extraction tool which will allow the wires to easily be replaced up to five times.
AVX targets automotive, industrial and commercial markets with ZIF vertical secure lock FFC/FPC connector series
AVX Corporation has introduced two new families of zero insertion force, vertical mount, secure locking FFC/FPC connectors targeting automotive, industrial and commercial markets. Specifically designed to meet the high volume, harsh environment needs of the automotive market, Series 6801 connectors feature a one-stage action which - for the first time - facilitates automated assembly.
AVX launches new TRM series professional multi-anode capacitor
AVX Corporation has released a TRM series of SMD tantalum professional multi-anode capacitors with ultra-low ESR and high reliability levels, with failure rates of better than 0.5%/1000 hours at 85degC and full rated voltage. The new TRM series is based on AVX’s wide experience with tantalum capacitor technology and provides class-leading robustness and reliability in combination with an ultra-low ESR multi-anode concept. This new TRM series of SMD multi-anode capacitors is designed for high-end commercial applications with long lifetime expectancy devices.
AVX expands stacked MLCC family to include high capacitance, low ESR versions for applications requiring board stress relief
AVX Corporation has expanded its stacked, surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) product offering to include the highest capacitance for a given MLCC package. Designated the RH Series, the range extension features 50V and 100V devices with maximum capacitance values of 33uF and 22uF respectively.
AVX extends low profile Pulsecap™ tantalum capacitor range up to3300µF
AVX Corporation announces the extension of its industry-proven, low profile, high capacitance PulseCap™ tantalum capacitor series to include a 3300µF/ 4V rated device with a low ESR of 55mΩ. PulseCap™ is designed for applications such as PCMCIA/USB wireless express cards where bulk capacitance is needed to boost transmitter power and power back-up capacitor in Solid State Drives.
AVX launches new FFLI film capacitor designed for DC filtering
AVX Corporation has launched its FFLI power film capacitor series, specifically targeting DC filtering. One major advantage of the technology is that unlike aluminium electrolytic devices where there is a high risk of the case exploding at the end of the capacitor’s life, the FFLI Series devices simply experience a reduction in capacitance of about 5% upon reaching end-of-life.
AVX expands its transguard® circuit protection product offering to include controlled capacitance multilayer varistors
AVX Corporation has developed the Controlled Capacitance Multilayer Varistor (MLV) Series specifically for mixed signal environments. Designed to satisfy the unique challenges of the automotive market, the Controlled Capacitance MLV delivers targeted signal filtering across a 20db range. The advanced MLV also reduces emissions from high-speed ASICs and prevents conduction of induced E-fields into the IC and clamps transient voltages.
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