Circuit Design, Inc. designs and supplies low power radio modules for various application fields such as telecontrol, telemetry, alarms, serial data transmission and audio. The products comply with European ETSI, US FCC and Japanese ARIB standard.

Quality is assured with an ISO9001-certified design and manufacturing process based in Japan.


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New integrated radio modules for long range wireless remote control
New integrated radio modules for long range wireless remote control
Circuit Design, Inc. has announced the release of the CDT-TX-02M-R / CDT-RX-02M-R, an embedded low power radio transmitter and receiver suitable for long-range On/Off remote control.
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Circuit Design, Inc. announces the release of an FCC Part 15 compliant industrial-use DSSS true diversity radio transceiver modem for the U.S. market
Circuit Design, Inc. announces the release of an FCC Part 15 compliant industrial-use DSSS true diversity radio transceiver modem for the U.S. market
Circuit Design, Inc. has announced the release of the MU-D1-R 915 MHz, an embedded low power radio transceiver modem for industrial use that complies with U.S. FCC Part 15.247. Circuit Design, Inc. will exhibit the product at the Electronica trade fair in Munich, Germany in November and start shipment of samples at the same time.
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Circuit Design Introduces a Low Power, Industrial Use Transceiver for the Indian Market
Circuit Design Introduces a Low Power, Industrial Use Transceiver for the Indian Market
Circuit Design, Inc. has recently developed and released a 335 MHz version of the highly successful industrial use radio transceiver module STD-302N-R for the Indian market. With versions already on sale in the Japanese, Chinese, European and Korean markets, the version for Indian frequencies supports industrial equipment manufacturers seeking to enter the Indian market.
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