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Omron OS32C
First Ethernet-compliant laser safety sc ...
Dremel 3D Idea Builder
The Dremel 3D Idea Builder 
The Dremel 3D Idea Builder ...
RS IdeaWerk 3D printer
RS Components launches new RS brand professional-quality 3D printer for rapid prototyping at highly affordable price point 
RS Components launches new RS brand prof ...
BS-MC-90 - RS232/422/485 optical convert ...
Power supply for LED diodes with multi-level LCM-40 current output
Power supply for LED diodes with multi-l ...
A165E-S-02-P Safety switch
A165E-S-02-P Safety switch ...
Toolcraft SP200
Transformer soldering tool Toolcraft SP200 is a useful complement even if you already have a quality soldering station
Transformer soldering tool Toolcraft SP2 ...
UT204 is able to measure DC current and ...
One product - many possibilities: Monito ...
Dispenser JB 1113N
Dispenser JB 1113N ...
M574 - 150MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
M574 - 150MHz Digital Storage Oscillosco ...
HR 22 LF
Reflow oven HR22LF and HR 23LF
Reflow oven HR22LF and HR 23LF ...
With the SIM800H module, it´s even possible to listen to a radio
With the SIM800H module, it´s even possi ...
The new DM3730 provides best-in-class ARM and Graphics processing
The new DM3730 provides best-in-class AR ...

ELPRO s.r.o.

ELPRO s.r.o.

Company policy:

We based the company to offer users technology that allows them to achieve the very high standard not only in soldering and Assembling, but the processing electronics in general. We are pleased that most of our customers are loyal to us so far. We know that the knee began to pistol pájkovačkou and we help them establish the first mass production of the classic assembly and later SMT technology. We thought about what leads them to be turned on us. The knowledge in our work and also a common communication with customers, we found that this is because of what can be summarized in one sentence:

Comprehensive and professionally, but always friendly.

This sentence, we decided to take a password and his company want to develop the spirit of all activities within the company, but especially when dealing with customers.

Focus: Our company is active in the following areas:


We have developed and manufacture soldering equipment as a substitute for conventional tin wave and complete installation of technological equipment for SMT production - from the print paste through the SMD components to remelting in the reflow oven. Development of new sophisticated tools and auxiliary equipment is continuing in the spirit of a new era of lead-free soldering.


Sale of materials and equipment for electronic manufacturing. Our company is the exclusive and official distributor of renowned foreign manufacturers for SR. The largest share of our turnover are: anti-static equipment, dosing systems, solder materials, machine tools and soldering irons. Knowledge of issues, large inventory and support our suppliers ensures seamless delivery to customers.

PCB Assembly

We provide complete services from PCB design phase through the purchase of components, installation, soldering, testing after final assembly. Own quality technological equipment for setting classical PCA as well as SMD components for small and medium series. The experience of our staff, consumables and world-class technology used to guarantee a high quality of service. Among our long term customers include many Slovak and foreign companies.


1004000099 / 12.12.2012 / 99
Desktop 3-axes robot
The F4200N is a compact and economically priced benchtop robot. Designed for medical and laboratory type environments requiring a streamlined and easily maintained machine. This robot will support most light dispensing applications that require a high performance standard.
Solder Bath MiniSol MS-2LF
Solder Bath MiniSol MS-2LF
Minisol MS-2LF device is designed primarily for prototyping and small series, it is possible to solder a few thousand PCB a month. Within a few seconds it solders all components on printed circuit boards. Electronic temperature control provides a digital controller. In addition to the temperature control with high precision, in addition to metering preheat time and temperature display, time and operating conditions. Minisol is characterized by a very small volume of brazing, short a heating time and also extremely low operating costs.
Dispenser JB 1113N
Dispenser JB 1113N
Best selled dispenser for general use, contains a timer and a source of vacuum, comes with rich accessories.
Datalogger MTP 05
Datalogger MTP 05
MTP 05 is autonomy equipment, which measures temperature up to 8 places at the same time. Recorded values are stored to memory and these data are transmitted to PC after the finishing of the measurement. Together with protection box this equipment supports temperatures up to 260°C and therefore is able to measure thermal profile during trough reflow oven.
Reflow oven HR22LF and HR 23LF
Reflow oven HR22LF and HR 23LF
HR-22LF is batch type oven for quality soldering of solder cream or hardening the glue for SMT. The design and the way of control guarantee the high reproducibility of parameters when handling by only trained person. It´s applicable for producers of prototypes, laboratories and small series flexible production. The programming of reflow profiles is realized from connected PC keyboard. For each profile are defined next parameters: name, time and temperature for prehating, time and temperature for reflow. User can defined 100 various profiles which are stored in memory.
SAB 06 - Stencil printer
SAB 06 - Stencil printer
SAB – 06 ( stencil printer ) is simple device for easy and fast solder paste application to PCBs using stencil. Thanks to its mechanism it prevents unwanted paste slicing outside destination surfaces - during first phase you rise up frame by using lever and after that you tip off to the side where you can take away PCB.
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