Kontron is a global leader in embedded computing technology. With more than 40% of its employees in Research and Development, Kontron creates many of the standards that drive the world's embedded computing platforms. Kontron's product longevity, local engineering and support, and value-added services, helps create a sustainable and viable embedded solution for OEMs and system integrators. Kontron works closely with its customers on their embedded application-ready platforms and custom solutions, enabling them to focus on their core competencies. The result is an accelerated time-to-market, reduced total-cost-of-ownership and an improved overall application with leading-edge, highly-reliable embedded technology.

Kontron is listed on the German TecDAX stock exchange under the symbol "KBC".

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Kontron designs versatile AdvancedMC module for carrier grade COTS high performance systems
Module enables the flexibility to design network elements on either MicroTCA or AdvancedTCA platforms
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Kontron launches TRACe™, an EN50155-certified fanless transportation computer product line
Proven, rugged and feature-rich modular platforms allow easy design flexibility with built-in health management system for virtually maintenance-free operation
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Kontron Pico-ITX motherboard with Ti Sitara 3874 boosts efficiency when developing rugged SFF appliances 
Kontron Pico-ITX motherboard with Ti Sitara 3874 boosts efficiency when developing rugged SFF appliances
Kontron‘s low-power embedded motherboard for the extended temperature range accelerates the development of ARM-based SFF designs
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Quad-Core AdvancedMC Kontron AM4022 doubles performance compared to previous generations
Quad-Core AdvancedMC Kontron AM4022 doubles performance compared to previous generations
New AMC with 3rd generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor brings ultimate performance to AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA
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Kontron Computer-on-Module nanoETXexpress-TTc: Portfolio extended with commercial temperature version
Kontron Computer-on-Module nanoETXexpress-TTc: Portfolio extended with commercial temperature version
Kontron introduced the Computer-on-Module nanoETXexpress-TTc which is optimized for the commercial temperature range (0°C to 60°C) and features the Intel Atom processor series E6xx from 0.6 GHz up to 1.6 GHz. As a follow on to the Kontron nanoETXexpress-TT for the E2 industrial temperature range (-40 °C to + 85 °C), introduced in September, the Kontron nanoETXexpress-TTc brings the same system functions along with a more cost-effective price point.
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Kontron Medical Panel PC Medi Client IIA: Intel Atom processor based Touch Panel PC for Medical Equipment OEMs
Kontron Medical Panel PC Medi Client IIA: Intel Atom processor based Touch Panel PC for Medical Equipment OEMs
At the Medica 2010 trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany, Kontron introduced the fanless Kontron Medi Client IIA, an extremely compact and long-term available Medical Panel PC with 10.4 inch or 15 inch touch screen. It is specifically designed as a human machine interface (HMI) for medial appliances or as an all-in-one workstation equipped with medical device interfaces.
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Kontron COM Express Basic form factor Computer-on-Module ETXexpress-AI now with the new Type 6 pin-out
Kontron COM Express Basic form factor Computer-on-Module ETXexpress-AI now with the new Type 6 pin-out
Eching, Germany, September 1, 2010 – Coinciding with the launch of the COM Express 2.0 specification by the PCI Industrial Manufacturers’ Group (PICMG), Kontron presents an additional version of the Computer-on-Module ETXexpress-AI based on the new COM Express Type 6 pin-out definition.
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Kontron Embedded Box PC CB 752 with Intel Atom N270 Processor now available for extended ambient temperatures
Kontron Embedded Box PC CB 752 with Intel Atom N270 Processor now available for extended ambient temperatures
Eching/Nuremberg, Germany, August 12, 2010 – The Kontron Embedded Box PC CB 752, introduced by Kontron in November 2009, is now available for ambient temperatures from -15 °C to +60 °C. The electronics are equipped with particularly robust specified components and the whole system was fully tested in the climate chamber. Customers benefit from improved reliability in a wider range of harsh environments thanks to the expanded capabilities of the Kontron CB 752.
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Kontron CP308-MEDIA: One of the first embedded boards with DisplayPort
Kontron CP308-MEDIA: One of the first embedded boards with DisplayPort
The new Kontron CP308 3U CompactPCI multicore board with the CP308-MEDIA extension card is one of the first embedded products to feature the new HD digital display interface standard DisplayPort. With S/P-DIF-Out audio and the stereo audio ports for Line In, Line Out and Microphone, the processor board with the innovative Kontron CP308-MEDIA adds extensive multimedia capabilities to embedded computing.
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Kontron adds more options and flexibility to cost-optimized MicroTCA.1 integrated platform
Kontron adds more options and flexibility to cost-optimized MicroTCA.1 integrated platform
At the SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nuremberg Kontron introduces the next step in rugged MicroTCA platforms. The cost-optimized Kontron OM6062 MicroTCA.1 integrated platform is now available in a pre-validated configuration with the new MicroTCA.1-compliant Kontron AM5901 MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH), and Kontron AM5500 storage modules.
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Kontron AM5030 AdvancedMC processor module powered by the new quad-core Intel Xeon processor LC5518
Kontron AM5030 AdvancedMC processor module powered by the new quad-core Intel Xeon processor LC5518
This new Kontron double-wide, full-size AMC module features the new Intel Xeon processor LC5518, which is based on the latest Intel microarchitecture and delivers with its 45nm process technology even lower power consumption and higher integration. This makes the Kontron AM5030 an attractive solution for MicroTCA platforms designed for dense server environments deployed in storage, military/aerospace and communications networks such as IPTV, VoIP, NAS, SAN and wireless radio network controllers.
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Kontron KISS 2U industrial server with 4 fast PCI Express x4/x16 expansion slots
Kontron KISS 2U industrial server with 4 fast PCI Express x4/x16 expansion slots
Thanks to the new PCI Express Butterfly Backplane, the long-term available Kontron Industrial Silent Server (KISS) 2U may be flexibly and cost-efficiently equipped with up to 4 PCI Express x4 cards and one PCI Express x16 (PEG) card. Based on a PICMG 1.3 CPU board, the processor performance is also flexibly scalable at any time.
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Kontron extends performance and scalability of COM Express Computer-on-Modules based on Intel Mobile GM45 and GL40 Express chipsets
Kontron extends performance and scalability of COM Express Computer-on-Modules based on Intel Mobile GM45 and GL40 Express chipsets
Kontron’s COM Express Computer-on-Modules family ETXexpress now includes three new Kontron ETXexpress-PC SKUs, adding support for the Mobile Intel GM45 Express and Mobile Intel GL40 Express chipsets. Customers benefit from a greater performance range and scalability in Kontron’s extensive COM Express compliant (Basic Form Factor, pin-out Type 2) ETXexpress product line.
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