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Single-Phase Energy-Measurement Processors Accurately Monitor Power at a Fraction of the Cost
Single-Phase Energy-Measurement Processors Accurately Monitor Power at a Fraction of the Cost
Fully autonomous processors add simple, utility-grade energy measurement and diagnostics to existing designs.
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MAX9636, MAX9638 - Low-Noise, CMOS-Input, Rail-to-Rail Op Amps Extend Battery Life in Portable Medical Applications 
MAX9636, MAX9638 - Low-Noise, CMOS-Input, Rail-to-Rail Op Amps Extend Battery Life in Portable Medical Applications
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9636–MAX9638, rail-to-rail, low-noise operational amplifiers. Offered in 6-pin SC70 (single), 8-pin SC70 (dual), and 10-pin UTQFN (dual) packages, these devices minimize board space while delivering outstanding noise performance. With 38nV/ input-voltage noise density, 0.9fA/ input-current noise density, and 0.1pA input-bias current, the MAX9636–MAX9638 facilitate interfacing to high-impedance sources such as photodiode and piezoelectric sensors.
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Low-noise op amps improve signal conditioning in harsh industrial applications
Low-noise op amps improve signal conditioning in harsh industrial applications
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9632/MAX9633 36V, low-noise, precision operational amplifiers with low distortion. The first devices in Maxim’s new line of high-voltage, precision op amps, the MAX9632/MAX9633 are designed using a proprietary high-speed complementary BiCMOS process (CB5HV).
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Automotive-grade, 1.2A step-down converter meets tight OEM power budgets
Automotive-grade, 1.2A step-down converter meets tight OEM power budgets
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX16975* automotive-grade, 1.2A step-down converter optimized for operation over a 3.5V to 28V range. To accommodate extreme battery voltage variations in automotive applications, the device tolerates load-dump transients up to 42V and cold-crank excursions down to 3.5V.
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