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  • Podpora výrobků pro automatizaci značek Panasonic, Matsushita, NAiS, SUNX.
  • Relé, konektory, spínače, senzory,
  • průmyslová automatizace, PLC, HMI, servo pohony, LED UV vytvrzování
  • Inteligentní elektroměry - Eco Power Meter
  • Laserové popisování - lasery FAYb, CO2
  • Výroba relé mechanických i polovodičových relé

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MINAS LIQI: the inexpensive servo driver solution
MINAS LIQI: the inexpensive servo driver solution
Compared with stepping motors, asynchronous motors or pneumatic solutions, the MINAS LIQI series offers many advantages as far as reliability, speed, or precise positioning are concerned.
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Panasonic's DW-H latching relay: Strong performance at a great price
Panasonic's DW-H latching relay: Strong performance at a great price
The relay's technical specifications meet the requirements of the white goods market and make it extremely suitable also for smart meters and smart sockets.
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LP-M: Laser marking in the third dimension
LP-M: Laser marking in the third dimension
With the new high-power model generation LP-M, the FAYb Laser Markers from Panasonic take off into the third dimension.
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Small, smaller, the smallest: Ultra miniature photoelectric sensor, only a third of the size of a stamp
Small, smaller, the smallest: Ultra miniature photoelectric sensor, only a third of the size of a stamp
The miniaturization of devices is progressing faster and faster and at the same time the detection of very small objects, especially in medical applications, is increasingly automated with sensors.
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CN-L - Optimizing automotive energy management with the new latching-type high-voltage relay
CN-L - Optimizing automotive energy management with the new latching-type high-voltage relay
Panasonic expands the portfolio of high-voltage relays for the automotive industry in order to serve customers with high power requirements even better in the future.
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Contactless switching 
Contactless switching
With its non-contact switches of the AVP series, Panasonic Electric Works offers solutions to detect the presence of metallic objects without touching them.
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New Low CxR PhotoMOS with optimized on-resistance for currents of up to 1A 
New Low CxR PhotoMOS with optimized on-resistance for currents of up to 1A
Panasonic's new Low CxR PhotoMOS offer the smallest housings combined with the lowest on-resistance for maximum continuous load currents of up to 1A.
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Servo drives for superior performance: MINAS A5N 
Servo drives for superior performance: MINAS A5N
The Ethernet-based servo drives of the MINAS A5N series are not only extremely compact, but also ideally suited for highly dynamic applications.
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Marking - the first step in assuring reliable Tracking & Tracing in the pharmaceutical industry 
Marking - the first step in assuring reliable Tracking & Tracing in the pharmaceutical industry
Track-and-trace solutions play an essential role in the pharmaceutical industry. They allow the origin of pharmaceutical products to be identified and their authenticity to be verified.
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ER-X Ionizer 
ER-X Ionizer
The ER-X series ionizers were conceived for applications with large areas.
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GX-M series cylindrical inductive sensors for a variety of applications 
GX-M series cylindrical inductive sensors for a variety of applications
With its GX-M series, Panasonic Electric Works has introduced a family of cylindrical proximity sensors for standard applications to the market.
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The new, powerful GT32-E touch terminal for outdoor applications 
The new, powerful GT32-E touch terminal for outdoor applications
With its new compact GT32-E touch terminal, Panasonic Electric Works is once again setting new standards for applications for human machine interfaces under difficult temperature conditions.
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Visualizing process data in the Web with Panasonic technology 
Visualizing process data in the Web with Panasonic technology
To visualize data in the Internet, Panasonic now offers not only the necessary hardware (FP Web-Server with expansion unit) but also software fine-tuned to work with the hardware (FP Web-Designer, FP Web-Configurator)
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KW2G Eco-POWER METER: Expandable, and with simultaneous measurement of power and pulse input 
KW2G Eco-POWER METER: Expandable, and with simultaneous measurement of power and pulse input
You can easily add up to 7 expansion units to the KW2G Eco-POWER METER, permitting you to gather data for several circuits at once. It is designed for mounting on DIN rails, making installation easy. The KW2G includes an RS485 interface (Modbus RTU/MEWTOCOL), enabling it to be connected to other devices, and a USB port, so you can connect the KW2G to your PC and configure it quickly.
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FX 500 series digital fiber amplifiers. Commemorating SUNX 40th anniversary, part two.
FX 500 series digital fiber amplifiers. Commemorating SUNX 40th anniversary, part two.
After introducing the EX L200 earlier this year with its revolutionary, built-in laser amplifier, we now take pleasure in presenting the FX 500, which outperforms all other sensors in its class across the board.
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EX-L200 - The world s smallest laser sensor with a built-in amplifier!
EX-L200 - The world s smallest laser sensor with a built-in amplifier!
SUNX, one of the leading companies in optical sensor technology, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Since our customers are the key to our success, we would like to mark our birthday by focussing on their key demands-miniaturization, high speed, accuracy-to develop unique products to solve their applications.
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Panasonic Introduces the AQ-A Solid-State Relay 
Panasonic Introduces the AQ-A Solid-State Relay
Critics notwithstanding, modern electromechanical relays are still, to this day, the number one choice for switching electric loads, thanks to their excellent reliability, compact size, and power dissipation capacity.
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