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Formed in 1998, StanTronic Instruments GmbH Germany was established to provide the Central European electronics industry with a quality source of instruments for Test, Measurement, Education and Automation markets, counting many of the leading European electronics manufacturers amongst their customers, such as Siemens, Bosch, Continental Automotive, Festo, Airbus Industries as well as Research Centres, Universities and Educational Institutions.

The provision of modern measurement technologies requires expertise, know-how and strong technical advice and support. With extensive experience and expertise, StanTronic Instruments is well positioned to share knowledge with our clients to ensure customers get the most out of their investment.

StanTronic Instruments represents industry leading manufacturers including:
Goodwill (GWInstek), OR-X, Leaptronix, Acute, Signametrics, Intronix, Owon, ZTEC and Seintek, all leaders in their field.

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StanTronic Instruments UK
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Northampton, NN7 3PG
United Kingdom
Tel./Fax: +44 (0)1604 832521
Email: Steve.Evans@stantronic.co.uk
Website: www.stantronic.co.uk

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StanTronic extends product range of LCR meters from GWInstek - Now with test frequencies up to 10 MHz
StanTronic extends product range of LCR meters from GWInstek - Now with test frequencies up to 10 MHz
Features of test instruments need to grow in line with the increasing operating frequencies of the applications. StanTronic Instruments has therefore included the new LCR Meter LCR-8110G in its product range which has a ten times higher test frequency than its predecessor. Therefore it can much better simulate the operating conditions of the devices tested.
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