SUNNY Computer Technology Europe, s.r.o.


SUNNY Computer Technology Europe, s.r.o.
Trnkova 156
628 00 Brno
Czech Republic, Europe

Tel.: +420 544 500 327
Fax: +420 544 500 328
Mobil: +420 775 55 00 12
e-mail: sunny@sunny-euro.com

The Professional Power Supply Designer and Manufacturer!

  • Lead Supplier of switching power supplies and accessories
  • Comprehensive solution of powering electronic applications
  • Prompt feedback on the customer demands and orders
  • Stock availability of the most requested models of switching power supplies
  • Above-standard service in developing, certification and further production
  • Providing with complete technical specifications, certifications and test reports
  • The best ratio of value / performance / quality

With a customer list that reads like a Who’s Who of the Worlds Major Electronic Firms, Sunny Computer Technology has quietly become one of the worlds leading suppliers of a switching power supplies and wide range of electronic parts. Today Sunnys parts and components can be found worldwide in telecommunications, security systems, notebooks, LCD monitors, scanners, switching hubs, USB hubs, Wi-Fi, chargers, digital cameras, medical equipment, electronics testing equipment, printers, cash registers, point-of-sale barcode scanners and printers, PC peripherals, single and dual-controls for electric blankets, and many other consumer electronic products. And the list keeps growing. The company is renowned for its innovative design, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, superb quality control, and customer satisfaction-all at competitive prices. All products meet or exceed the highest international standards and codes.

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travel USB adapter SUNNY: SYD1151-CUV
travel USB adapter SUNNY: SYD1151-CUV
Do you need to charge mobile phone, smartphone, iPod, mp3 player, etc. in your car? Get a gorgeous travel USB adapter SUNNY: SYD1151-CUV.
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