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Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.
Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

Transfer Multisort Elektronik sp. z o.o is a Polish company dedicated to sales and shipment of goods. The company has now operated for 26 years. We mainly focus on deliveries of electronic and electrical engineering products. Elements offered by us are used in various types of electronic equipment, industrial automatics, measuring and research instruments, but also general purpose devices. Among over 160 000 items available on our offer, you will find products of the majority of significant electronic, electrotechnical, automatics and workshop equipment manufacturers. Within several years of our operation, we have gained trust and have become the first choice supplier for Polish and European customers. We service several thousand companies from over 128 countries, and we ship almost 2800 parcels per day. We deliver products on request in retail as well wholesale quantities.
Among our customers, there are not only world manufacturers, but also production companies, service centres, schools and universities, wholesale companies and multiple business entities.


To meet expectations of our customers, TME has introduced the ISO9001:2009 quality management system that guarantees safe storage and transportation of electronic components. The company has also applied control system to ensure that our products meet RoHS Directive requirements.

Customer service

We offer convenient cooperation conditions and nice service. Our team includes several dozen of electronic and electrical engineering specialists, but also consultants ready to answer all your questions and provide support. We fulfil orders by phone, fax, email or mail. Our Website – www.tme.eu  is an essential element of our business activity. By means of this Website, many customers not only do the shopping, but also receives necessary information. We offer our assistance and services from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 24/7 via the Internet.

Offered produts

  • semiconductors: LED, bridge rectifiers, thyristors and integrated circuits, semiconductor accessories, optoelectronics
  • passive elements: resistors, potentiometers and knobs, capacitors and quartzes, EMC suppression filters, overvoltage protection
  • connectors: signal connectors, data transfer connectors, industrial connectors, power supply connectors, audio and video connectors, soldering connectors and terminals
  • electrical engineering: relays and contactors, fans, fuses and circuit breakers, transformers and cores, switches and indicators, electrical installation equipment
  • light and sound: sources of light, sound converters
  • sources of energy: batteries, rechargeable cells, battery chargers, power supplies and transducers
  • mechanics: enclosures, mounting and spacing elements
  • adjustment and control: sensors and converters, control units, pneumatics
  • wires and accessories: wires and cables, cable accessories, couplers and reductions, connection cables
  • PC equipment: computer cables, couplers, computer technology
  • works hop equipment: tools, antistatic, work health and safety, fire protection, storing technology, soldering equipment, measuring instruments, measuring and laboratory accessories, chemical substances
  • miscellaneous: prototypes, property protection.
ARMADILLO-43T – Premium Display from 4D Systems
ARMADILLO-43T – Premium Display from 4D Systems
Armadillo-43T from 4D SYSTEMS is a complete module with an RGB TFT LCD Display, based on Linux OS. At the heart of it lies the Broadcom BCM2835 chip that connects the ARM1176JZF-S CPU and the VideoCore IV GPU in a single SoC (System-On-Chip).
High Current HCR150 series Relays from TE Connectivity
TME’s offer includes the HCR150 series relays for connecting high loads, up to 130A in continuous operation mode, and impulse current of up to 300A (max. 3s). Their resistance to high temperatures (from -40°C to +125°C), moisture, and vibrations make them a good fit for applications in automotive industry, such as engine control, triggering glow plugs, controlling loading ramps, and other "heavy" start-up systems. Available with various contact configurations, as well as various sealing classes.
High Current HCR150 series Relays from TE Connectivity
SKD100 series three phase bridge rectifiers from Semikron
SKD100 series three phase bridge rectifiers from Semikron
Colourful XLR socket marking gaskets from CLIFF
TME’s offer includes socket gaskets in XLR cases (19x24mm) for colour identification. They come in 7 colours, which enable you to clearly mark each socket of a panel. The rubber prevents dust from entering the panel. The gaskets can be mounted with additional brass spacers, included with your purchase.
Colourful XLR socket marking gaskets from CLIFF
Double-function, digital soldering station from ETC POWER
Double-function, digital soldering station from ETC POWER
ETC-RW900D is a digital, double-function service station equipped with soldering iron and a hot air supply. Thanks to the powerful heater and microprocessor control system, it can be used in laboratories, service points, or in production. High precision in temperature and air flow regulation makes the station a perfect choice for soldering and desoldering even sensitive SMD components.
New LRS series power supply units from Mean Well now in TME’s offer
TME’s offer has been enriched by new LRS series PSUs from MEAN WELL. LRS is the latest version of popular industrial RS series PSUs. The new PSUs are smaller (in comparison to the RS series), and offer noticeably better parameters. The height of the LRS power supplies is only 30 mm, while their efficiency reaches as much as 91%. The LRS power supplies comply with global energy consumption standards. Energy consumption at zero load is less than 0.3W.
New LRS series power supply units from Mean Well now in TME’s offer
**-UV-A ultraviolet LEDs from Liteon
**-UV-A ultraviolet LEDs from Liteon
**-TME’s offer of ultraviolet LEDs has just been enriched by new families of LTPL-C034UVHxxx and LTPL-U034UVHxxx series LEDs from LITEON.
**-Coil Wires from BQ CABLE
**-Single coated enamelled DN1E and double coated enamelled DN2E coil wires from BQ CABLE are 200°C class wires that come in 20 most common diameters: from 0.15 mm (AWG38) to 2.00 mm (AWG14). The wires are coiled in an even and consistent way, and additionally put in a heat shrink sleeve for perfect visual effect, as well as protection against any impurities accumulating during storage, and oxidizing of the insulation sheath.
**-Coil Wires from BQ CABLE
**-DC circuit fuses from LITTELFUSE
**-DC circuit fuses from LITTELFUSE
**-Strip fuses from LITTELFUSE are designed for protection of DC circuits in battery-electric trucks. All fuses in this series are designed for rated voltage of 48 V DC, and various rated currents from 35 to 500 A. Such fuses are incredibly easy to replace, and they ensure reliable electric connection thanks to bolt assembly.
**-LOGO!8 series Programmable Relays
**-TME’s offer has been enriched by a new generation of logical modules — LOGO!8. A new display with six 16-digit lines makes the modules easy to use. The integrated Ethernet interface ensures reliable communication between various LOGO! modules, as well as communication with SIMATIC S7 devices equipped with an Ethernet port.
**-LOGO!8 series Programmable Relays
**-Audio capacitors from Nichicon
**-Audio capacitors from Nichicon
**-TME’s offer includes a broad selection of high quality capacitors for audio equipment from NICHICON. Nichicon’s audio capacitors distinguish themselves with high quality materials used in production.
**-Adjustable lever from ELESA+GANTER
**-TME’s wide offer of mechanical components includes among others adjustable levers from ELESA+GANTER. The lever is made of durable, glass-fiber reinforced, polyamide-based (PA) technopolymers. It is highly resistant to oils, greases, and other chemical agents. The lever can be used in harsh conditions, with temperatures reaching form -30° to 120° Celsius.
**-Adjustable lever from ELESA+GANTER
**-Schottky diodes from Cree
**-Schottky diodes from Cree
**-Schottky diodes from CREE are manufactured with the use of Silicon Carbide, they have excellent current and switching parameters, and high breakdown voltages. In terms of thermal conductivity, they outperform the most commonly used Si diodes. They are a perfect fit for high voltage electronics.
**-CoolSplice terminals from TE Connectivity
**-CoolSplice is a series of splice terminals for tool-less joining of pairs of cables. TME offers two types of the splices: with IP67 terminals sealed with a gel (for applications in environments with high moisture levels), and with no sealing. Additionally, each version is available in two sizes: for 0.5 mm2 and 0.75 mm2 cables.
**-CoolSplice terminals from TE Connectivity
**-GOLDTOOL toolsets in cases
**-GOLDTOOL toolsets in cases
**-TME’s offer now includes 85 pcs. toolsets in a plastic case. Thanks to its versatility, the toolset is recommended in most service and workshop jobs both on premises and in the field. The case is additionally reinforced by aluminum profiles, and two key locks ensure higher security.
**-Mean Well PLN-100-12 Power Supply Unit for LED lighting
**-PLN-100-12 switching power supply unit from MEAN WELL is designed for driving LEDs. Plastic, insulated IP64-compliant enclosure is cooled by free air convection, which allows using the power supply both in indoor and outdoor applications. The power supply is useful in LED lighting systems and LED display boards.
**-Mean Well PLN-100-12 Power Supply Unit for LED lighting
**-First OptoSupply THT LED in TME’s offer that emits light all the way around
**-First OptoSupply THT LED in TME’s offer that emits light all the way around
**-TME’s offer of THT LEDs now includes a new 5 mm diode from OPTOSUPPLY. This diode emits light all the way around (unlike standard LEDs that emit light “forwards”, within a limited angle). It is possible thanks to appropriate position of the diode structure that allows the light to be emitted all around.
**-Flexible LifY test leads from Helukabel
**-Helukabel’s LifY are single core test leads in sleeves made of elastic PVC. The PVC used is self-extinguishing and does not spread flames. Nominal voltage of these wires is 1 kV, and bending radius in applications requiring frequent bending is only approx. 8x cable diameter.
**-Flexible LifY test leads from Helukabel
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